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Bring It On!- October 30, 2016


With October ending, national American Indian month is approaching.  This November Indiana University will be celebrating Native American Heritage Month with the help of FNECC.  To elaborate on the subject tonight’s hosts Roberta Radovich and Cornelius Wright interview Nicky Belle, director of IU’s First Nations Educational and Cultural Center, Heather Williams, program assistant at the Center, and finally Siobahn Marks, an activist in support of the civil rights of Native Americans.


Our show’s executive producer is Clarence Boone

With help from WFHB News Department director Wes Martin

Our news editor is Michael Nowlin.

Tonight’s board engineer was Kirsten Payton

Our original theme music was created by Jamyl Efiom

With additional background tracks by David Baker.

Hosts were Cornelius Wright and Roberta Radovich.

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