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Black Lives Matter Disrupts City Council, Vows Continued Action


Black Lives Matter organizer and advocate Vauhxx Booker has been at the forefront of the community push-back against the city’s purchase of an armored car. He says that by disrupting Mayor Hamilton’s 3rd annual state of the city address months ago, Black Lives Matter have been able to foster a discussion about the $225,000 purchase.

Booker spoke with WFHB News Director Wes Martin about last night’s disruption at the Bloomington City Council meeting—according to him, advocates showed up not expecting to disrupt the meeting, which happened to fall on the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s assassination. Booker says members of Black Lives Matter have been conferring with city officials through back channels for months, but sometimes that isn’t enough.  We’ll also hear about what the group has planned, after Mayor John Hamilton’s announcement that the city plans to proceed with the purchase of an armored car for its police force.

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