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Interchange – Honey From a Weed: The Life of Patience Gray

As we’re in the midst of a holiday season that can so often feel like merely a smattering of one-off charitable acts and token expressions of fellow-feeling paired with culturally enforced gluttony, it seemed appropriate to turn to a different kind of life, one which defines fasting and feasting in much different terms. As the sweet gives to salt it’s …

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Interchange – Welles Before Glass: Intimacy and Propaganda in Radio

This is a special 90-minute Interchange focusing on Orson Welles in his less-appreciated role as an innovator in the WWII-era radio feature, a genre of radio mixing fact and drama that is a (largely forgotten and unacknowledged) forerunner of the radio documentary, as we know it now. (Think Ira Glass and This American Life.) We’ll discuss what the radio feature …

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