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bloomingOUT – June 25, 2015


Tonight, hosts Olivia Davidson and Ryne Shadday discuss the latest news headlines as well as the impending SCOTUS decision regarding same-sex marriage. The music tonight was “I Still Love You” by Jennifer Hudson. BloomingOUT would like to wish everyone a good end to this year’s Pride Month.


Hosts Ryne Shadday, Olivia Davidson

Executive Producer Joe Crawford

Producer Olivia Davidson

Board Engineer Andrew Sims


“‘From Activism to Eco-terrorism” News Summit Version


July News Summit 2014— Revised script

 ‘From Activism to Eco-terrorism” News Summit Version


You are listening to: “From Activism to Eco-terrorism” on Standing Room only…..

You are invited to come face to face with the voices of WFHB! Please join Standing Room Only on July 9th at 6pm here at the WFHB Studios for a peak behind the scenes! Show hosts, writers, producers and engineers will be on hand, and are eager to meet listeners and hear feedback from the community. You will learn how your favorite shows are made, and meet the members of your community that volunteer to make it all happen. Meet the crew of   Standing Room only on July 9th at 6pm here at the WFHB Studios.

Krista Detor & Friends – WFHB Local Live Remote Broadcast Part 1


On Wednesday, December 4, 2013, WFHB’s Local Live crew headed to Airtime Studio for a remote broadcast with Krista Detor and her many musical friends – Tim Grimm, David Weber, Amanda Biggs, Steve Mascari, Jim Krause, Anne Hurley, Janiece Jaffe and Justin Teague. Celebrating new albums, along with some holiday cheer.
Krista Detor – “Red Velvet Box
Tim Grimm – “King of the Folksingers”
Jim Krause & Anne Hurley – “Gabriola”
Krista Detor – “Blowing Kisses”
Amanda Biggs & Justin Teague – “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
Krista Detor – “Steal Me a Car”
Krista Detor – “Belle of the Ball”
Jim Krause & Anne Hurley – “Persephonie”
Krista Detor – “Flat Earth Diary”

Daily Local News – October 4, 2013


Members of the Bloomington City Council expressed support for next year’s budget at a recent hearing; A local organization called Affordable Care Act Volunteers of Monroe County will host a series of events, aiming to help the public sign up for the insurance provided by the act.

Local organizations scout the listening area for service help on Volunteer Connection, linking YOU to current volunteer opportunities in our community.

Anchors: Helen Harrell, Roscoe Medlock
Today’s headlines were written by Lauren Glapa and Yin Yuan,
Along with Joe Crawford for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Volunteer Connection is produced by Wanda Krieger, in partnership with the city of Bloomington Volunteer Network.
Our engineer is Harrison Wagner,
Editor is Drew Daudelin,
Executive producer is Alycin Bektesh.

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