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Standing Room Only: Generation Speaks

On November 11th, veterans from multiple generations and wars gathered at the Bell Trace Senior Living Community to talk about war and how it has changed over time. Panelists ranged from age 35 to age 95. The veterans discussed how communication, education, and technology has changed in the military over the years. The audio in this episode is courtesy of …

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Standing Room Only: Why Vietnam Still Matters 50 Years Later

On November 5, four Vietnam Veterans sat on a panel at the Monroe County History Center and discussed their service along with why Vietnam is still important today. Local Vietnam veterans included Phil Zook, Cathy Peacock, Jim Kryway, and Jim Follette. Veteran and filmmaker Ron Osgood moderated the panel. Panelists will discuss their time abroad along with what it was …

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Interchange – Parsing Granfalloons: Douglas Wissing on Indiana

This show explores the granfalloon* “Hoosier” through the journalism of Indiana native Douglas Wissing. Wissing has written many books and articles about topics that one might list from A to Z…or maybe from A to T and much INbetween. We find him enmeshed in adventurism and corruption (or are those synonyms) in both Afghanistan and Tibet while all the time …

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Books Unbound – “Benito Cereno” by Herman Melville

The first of a four-part program on Herman Melville’s masterpiece of historical fiction, “Benito Cereno.” This American novella is based on a chapter from the memoir of the real-life Captain Amasa Delano, who during his voyages in 1805 encountered a mysterious merchant-ship carrying a skeleton crew of Spaniards, an ineffectual and perplexing captain, and 150 Africans for the slave trade. …

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Interchange – Rahaf Safi and Shadi Alkattan: Understanding Syria

This week on Interchange, host Joe Crawford speaks with Rahaf Safi and Shadi Alkattan, both Syrian Americans who are also college students living in Bloomington. Safi and Alkattan discuss their past experiences visiting family and friends in Syria as well as what they have seen and heard about the government under President Bashar al-Assad. They also talk about the effects …

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