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Voices in the Street – Gay marriage instantly legal in 30 states: The Supreme Court refuses to hear appeals

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court shocked many by refusing refusing to hear appeals of three Circuit Court rulings that had overturned same-sex marriage bans, despite pleas from both sides to settle the issue. Gay marriage, therefore, was immediately allowed by all three circuits, covering 11 states and bringing the number of states permitting same-sex marriage to 30, including some …

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Voices in the Street – Where do you get your news and why: Media motives and the public trust

WFHB’s Fall Fund Drive is in full swing—big thanks to everyone who supports community radio! This week, Voices in the Street brings to a two-part segment focusing on the news, its motivation, and news sources you trust. So tell us, Bloomington: What do you think influences the news stories we hear, and what are some of your trusted sources? In …

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Philanthropy in action: Supporting Non-profits and charities

WFHB begins its Fall Fund Drive tomorrow—big thanks to everyone who supports community radio!  We’re lucky to live in an area where so many people work so hard to establish and support local services that enrich our lives and give a real sense of responsibility to the community.  With time and monetary budgets tight for most, we hit the streets …

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Voices in the Street – Examining the implications of the Malaysian Flight 17 crash

Last Wednesday, IU held a memorial service for Karlijn Keijzer who was killed on July 17th while on Malaysian Flight 17 which was shot down over a pro-Russian held territory of Ukraine.  Karlijn was among 298 people who died on the flight.  Russia has recently claimed that Ukraine bears the full responsibility of the attack, while others argue the Russian-supplied …

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Voices in the Street – Anything for a buck: Jobs at their worst

Not everyone can have a glamorous, well-paying job. Most of us, at some point in our lives, have been paid to do something we hated doing. Inspired by the approaching Labor Day weekend, we hit the streets to ask YOU about the worst job you’ve ever had and why it was so bad.

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