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City Deals with Pricey Sludge

The City of Bloomington has hired a company to truck away sludge from its waste water treatment plant. The Utilities Services Board awarded the contract to Young Trucking. The Board recently heard that costs for removal and disposal of sludge has been escalating rapidly over the last few years, approaching three-hundred-thousand dollars for 2015. Utilities Department Assistant Director Efrat Feferman reported on the process leading …

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Water Pumping Project Finishes $250,000 Under Budget

The construction of a new water pumping station came in at about $260,000 under budget, according to officials at a Bloomington Utilities Service Board meeting on Feb. 24. Michael Hicks, the Utilities Department’s capital projects manager, submitted a change order on the $6.5 million project. “The project is complete and with the approval of this change order we can close …

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Cold Weather Creates Chilly Sitution For Utilities Department

The Bloomington Utilities Department has dealt with an increase in water main breaks and customer service issues due to the cold weather in recent weeks. On January 27th Tom Axson, the department’s assistant director of transmission and distribution, told the Utilities Service Board there had been eight broken water mains reported in the previous ten days. “We’ve also responded to …

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Bloomington Utilities Department Give Up Trying To Collect Nearly $23,000 Bills

The Bloomington Utilities Department is formally giving up on collecting almost $23,000 in overdue bills. Each year the department declares certain bills to be, as it calls them, uncollectable. Yesterday the department’s assistant financial director, Michael Horstman, told the Utilities Service Board that 673  wastewater bills and 691 water bills fit the criteria for the department to officially stop attempting …

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Final Payment on Dam Repair Project Approved

The Bloomington Utilities Service Board approved the final payment December 2nd on a project to repair the Griffy Dam. Utilities Engineer Phil Peden said the company doing the work, Dave O’Mara Contractors, is mostly finished with the project, which has been in progress since the city drained Griffy Lake last year. The repair work was funded primarily by a federal …

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Bloomington Utilities Service Board deals with complications working with private contractors

The Bloomington Utilities Service Board dealt with some complications of working with private contractors at its meeting on Monday. The City Utilities Department frequently hires companies to perform engineering or construction work. Capital Projects Manager Mike Hicks explained a recent issue with two of those companies. The contractors are working on projects to improve water mains and to expand the …

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