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IU Foundation President Defends Off-Shore Investments

On November 8, The New York Times published an article about university foundations avoiding taxes on their endowments, many of which are in the billions of dollars, by investing in overseas corporations. The Indiana University Foundation was mentioned within the first sentence of the article. According to documents provided to the Times from a leak at a Bermudan law firm, …

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Interchange – Romanticism, What Is It Good For? The Work of Morse Peckham

The Fifth Symphony opens very famously with four memorable notes. Beethoven was asked what he meant by this opening and he’s said to have replied, “Thus fate knocks at the door.” Morse Peckham suggests we take Beethoven at his word, that we take him seriously. In a book published in 1962, Beyond the Tragic Vision, Peckham said this of the …

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IU GLBT Alumni Association Launches Groundbreaking Scholarship Campaign Helping The LGBT Student Community

The Indiana University Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Alumni Association has launched the nation’s first-ever scholarship campaign devoted to assisting GLBT students and promoting leadership on GLBT concerns. According to Doug Bauder, coordinator at the IU GLBT Student Support Services Office, the GLBT Alumni Association organized this dual scholarship. One of the scholarships aims to help GLBT students who are cut …

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