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Kite Line- October 6, 2017: Prison and the Press, Part One

This week is the first episode of several about the intersection between the media and prison struggles. In January of 2015, journalist Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months in prison for his role reporting on Anonymous’ hack of Stratfor, a private security and espionage company. Today, we are sharing a talk he gave at the Fight Toxic Prisons conference …

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Kite Line- June 23, 2017: Toxic in Texas

This week takes us to Texas, where we hear from Candice Bernd, speaking at the 2nd Fight Toxic Prisons Conference, which took place earlier this month in Denton, Texas. Candice talks about the intersection between environmental activism and the carceral system. In Texas, prisoners are subjected to extreme conditions, and some prisoners have filed a class action lawsuit claiming that …

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SCOTUS Ruling May Affect Indiana ACLU Lawsuit

The Supreme Court issued a decision today that may change the landscape of abortion law in Indiana. By a 5-3 margin, the court struck down laws in Texas that imposed tougher standards on abortion clinics and would have forced many to close. The court focused on two specific parts of the law. The first required doctors at abortion clinics to …

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