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Daily Local News (每日地方新闻) October 29,2014 – polar vortex phenomenon (极地涡流现象)

Local residents, along with everyone east of the Rocky Mountains, have been shivering under sub-zero temperatures for the last couple of days. – 当地居民,以及落基山脉以东居民,在过去的几天一直在零度以下的温度.

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Daily Local News – January 24th, 2014

During the sub-zero temperatures this winter, the City of Bloomington is reminding residents to insulate pipes and to let water flow through faucets, to help prevent water lines from freezing; The Bloomington City Council heard from residents on Wednesday who are frustrated with Governor Mike Pence’s refusal to expand Medicaid in Indiana; With the proposition for a higher minimum wage in Indiana, …

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