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Panel Discusses Sustainability Tomorrow at IMU


A panel discussion titled “Who’s responsible for Sustainability?” is planned for tomorrow in Bloomington. The event will be held at the University Club in the Indiana Memorial Union on IU’s campus. According to a press release, the panel will discuss economic, social, and environmental factors that contribute to sustainability and how that all affects the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Those present will include the director of Global Environmental Sustainability for Cummins Inc., the director of sustainability for Louisville Metro Government and the University Director of Sustainability at the IU office of Sustainability. Also attending will be Jesse Kharbanda, the executive director of the Hoosier Environmental Council. Kharbanda says the Hoosier Environmental Council has a bold and hopeful vision of the future of sustainability in Indiana.

There will be a short reception following the panel. The event is hosted by the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the Integrated Program in the Environment, the Indiana University Office of Sustainability, and the ISOS Center for Social Responsibility. The event will start at 5pm tomorrow in the University Club at the IMU.

Daily Local News – September 23, 2015


A panel discussion titled “Who’s responsible for Sustainability?” is planned for tomorrow in Bloomington; Local conservative activist Robert Hall says he is making contact with Republican voters as he plans to run for Congress next year; The Saudi Arabian government is looking to reform its education system with the help of experts at Indiana University; The Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau has launched its Leaf Cam; A State Campaign Committee of Educators has endorsed Glenda Ritz.

This week, Democrats in the Indiana Senate announced their support of three legal initiatives that would affect the rights of undocumented immigrants living in Indiana. The lawmakers say the bills are a result of work with Latino community leaders across the state. One bill would allow undocumented students who attend Indiana high schools to pay in-state tuition rates at Indiana colleges. Another bill would allow undocumented immigrants to receive driver’s licenses. And the third bill would do away with a legal restriction that prevents many undocumented people from receiving dialysis treatment. WFHB News Director Joe Crawford spoke with State Senator Mark Stoops, one of the senators who worked on the legislative proposals. Stoops also represents much of the WFHB listening area in the Senate.

We’re going to name the worst and best charities over the next four installments. Some of the worst ripoffs will shock you — and may have diddled you.

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A Meeting Discussing The Future Of Economic Development and Sustainability In Bloomington


Last night the League of Women Voters of Bloomington-Monroe County and the Monroe County Public Library sponsored a panel discussion about economic development in Bloomington. The group took questions from the audience and the event was filmed by Community Access Television Services. We bring you a portion of that conversation now for today’s WFHB community report. Kate Cruikshank, the president of the League, introduced the panel.

Daily Local News – February, 16, 2015


The influx of proposed developments in Bloomington is raising concerns at the city’s Commission on Sustainability. Last week, Rebecca Swanson gave a report to the Commission and listed five projects that she called “eye openingly large.” She included the recent passage by the Bloomington Plan Commission of a 30-foot height variance for a hotel on Kirkwood Avenue.

Last week local residents participating in Global Divestment day joined an estimated 450 events in 60 countries to bring awareness to the connection between climate change and the use of fossil fuels. Correspondent Alycin Bektesh has that story for today’s WFHB community report.

Volunteers Susan Buchanan and Sarah Weisand share their experiences working for the Volunteers in Tutoring Adult Learners (VITAL) program at the Monroe County Public LIbrary. Also, volunteer opportunities from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.

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Interchange – Saving Place: Passion, Politics and Sustainability in Historic Preservation


This week on Interchange, Saving Place: Passion, Politics and Sustainability in Historic Preservation. Host Trish Kerle’ speaks with Bloomington city council member and small business owner, Chris Sturbaum, and Duncan Campbell, historic preservation consultant, retired associate professor of Architecture and director of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at Ball State University about current preservation challenges in Bloomington. Also discussed are issues of conservation and sustainability such as “greening” the built environmental (“the greenest home is the one that’s already been built”).

Activate! – Earth Care Bloomington: Molly O’Donnell & Ben Brabson


Molly O’Donnell, Bloomington’s “Be More” Volunteer award winner, and Indiana University Climate Scientist Ben Brabson, talk about Earth Care Bloomington and its mission to promote sustainability.

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