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Police Chase Ends With Attempted Suicide

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The Bloomington Police Department captured a suspect in connection with an attempted murder investigation. Brandon Richardson is wanted for allegedly tying up his girlfriend, beating, stabbing and strangling her over a period of three days. The woman reportedly told investigators at Monroe Hospital the assault began after the couple fought on Monday. Members of Bloomington Police Department’s Critical Incident Response …

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Domestic Abuse, Shooting Leaves Bloomington Woman Paralyzed

A man shot and paralyzed a woman before turning the gun on himself, on Monday in Bloomington. As WFHB’s Jonah Chester reports, women are disproportionately the target of gun violence, particularly when there’s a firearm present in a domestic dispute. In today’s feature report, Jonah Chester speaks with Middle Way House representatives, about how gun violence often results from cases …

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Interchange – There Is No More Distance: The Films of Chantal Akerman

A better title for this show might be “Screening Women,” suggested by tonight’s guest, Janet Bergstrom, in an essay on Akerman for Sight and Sound. Or perhaps we might call it “Look what I’ve done with your name” a response by Akerman to her father’s disappointment that she had no children. This comes directly from Akerman during an interview conducted …

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Two Dead in Murder/Suicide

A man and a woman were found dead last night in what investigators believe was a murder/suicide on the east side of Bloomington. The two were discovered in the common area of Stratum at Indiana Apartments around 9:21 p.m. When police arrived, they found a 20 year old man dead from an apparent suicide by hanging. The woman, who was …

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Arts Interchange – Abby Lee On Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler has become Hedda Tesman in marriage to George Tesman. But the play is not called Hedda Tesman. And this must be our first indication of how an audience needs to be critical of the social world where marriage confers a new identity on a woman. Hedda will have none of that. But what has she had, and what …

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Interchange – Larry Lockridge: An Unedited Interview

Host Doug Storm talks with Larry Lockridge, author of Shade of the Raintree, about his father Ross Lockridge, Jr., and his bestselling novel of 1948, Raintree County, about the search for answers to the mystery of his father’s suicide, and about the wish to save his father’s letters and manuscripts for future scholars of the novel. This is an unedited …

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Interchange – Larry Lockridge: In the Shade of the Raintree

Host Doug Storm continues the three-part series on the bestselling 1948 novel Raintree County with excerpts from a conversation with Larry Lockridge, the second child of Ross Lockridge, Jr., and author of Shade of the Raintree: The Life and Death of Ross Lockridge, Jr. The episode opens with “Flash Perkins’ Theme” from the soundtrack to the 1957 movie Raintree County. …

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Daily Local News – April 10, 2014

A proposed charter school drew the ire of the Monroe County Community School Board on April 7th; ‘Send Silence Packing,’ a nationally recognized suicide exhibit that promotes awareness of suicide and mental health issues among college students, is coming to Bloomington next Tuesday; Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard has entered the Seeds of Change Grant Program; The Housing and Neighborhood Development Department …

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