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State Senate to Review Sunday Alcohol Sales

The Indiana Legislature reconvened on Tuesday, January 9. One of the items on their agenda is a revision of Indiana’s alcohol laws. An Indiana Senate committee approved a bill allowing carryout alcohol sales on Sundays. Currently, Sunday alcohol sales are prohibited from stores, from a law left over from prohibition. Senate Bill 1 would allow retailers to sell alcohol from …

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“Civil Immunity” Law Could Help Provide Free Health Care, But at a Cost

The goal of House Bill 1145, according to its authors, is pretty straightforward: to get free health care to residents who need it, to make it easier for doctors to show up at places like food banks and volunteer their time. On its face, the strategy legislators want to use seems pretty simple: they want to eliminate the possibility a …

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Bill moved in senate to expand bus services

Earlier today a committee in the Indiana Senate moved forward a bill that could expand bus service in Monroe County. The bill would give the Monroe County Council the option to raise taxes and expand the reach of Bloomington Transit, which currently serves only the city of Bloomington. Senator Mark Stoops from Bloomington is sponsoring the legislation. Monroe County already …

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Senators Donnelly and Coats join US Senate to pass Victims Protection Act

Yesterday Indiana Senators Joe Donnelly and Dan Coats joined the rest of the United States Senate in the unanimous passage of the Victims Protection Act of 2014. The purpose of the bill is to provide for additional enhancements of the sexual assault prevention and response activities of the Armed Forces. However, the provisions passed in yesterday’s vote only strengthen the …

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League of Women Voters Held Open Forum With State Representatives

State legislators representing the Monroe County area gave their views on more than a dozen pieces of proposed legislation at a forum last Saturday. The forum was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Bloomington-Monroe County, which holds monthly legislative updates when the state legislature is in session. State Senator Mark Stoops, as well as representatives Bob Heaton, Peggy …

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Farm Bill Vote Goes to House: How it May Effect the Hungry

The Senate passed a version of the Farm Bill earlier this summer, but the House of Representatives splits the bill into two sections before their vote. The house was predicted to vote on an amendment that would cut forty billion dollars to food assistance programs today. WFHB news director Alycin Bektesh looks in to how these cuts would effect Indiana’s …

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