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Stinesville Community Members Protest Removal of Elementary School Principal


Parents and community members in Stinesville are protesting what some say was the wrongful removal of an elementary school principal there. Six people spoke to the Richland Bean Blossom School Board about the issue at a meeting November 17th. The Board was technically considering a retirement and medical leave request from the principal, Bill Buxton. But speakers like Shannon Hall said the administration forced Buxton out.

Hall said that the administration did not consider the children, and essentially took the children’s voice away. She mentioned that Stinesville has very few people to stand up and represent them, and that Buxton had always stood up for the community.

Hall presented the Board with a petition she said had 190 signatures asking for Buxton’s reinstatement. Board President Dana Kerr said he couldn’t comment about the specifics of the case because it’s a personnel matter. Kerr asked the public to also constrain their comments as well.

Kerr interrupted speakers throughout the meeting when he thought their comments were inappropriate. One instance occurred after a man, who identified himself as the father of a former Stinesville Elementary teacher, began detailing events he said led to Buxton’s removal.

The man said he appreciated the Board’s policy about discussing personnel. But he continued a vague discussion about the issue anyway.

Chantz Horman spoke to the Board next. He voiced support for Buxton and criticized the Board for allowing the previous comments.

The Board did not discuss any details of the case. But they unanimously approved Buxton’s formal request for medical leave and retirement. Buxton submitted a formal statement, which Horman read aloud to the Board, in which Buxton stated, “Taking care of my health, and being able to spend quality time with my family is top priority.”


The Strike Mic – November 12, 2013


This week on The Strike Mic, a discussion about Indiana University’s luxury dorms, and how they influence higher tuition rates and city-wide gentrification.

Tune in every Tuesday for a new edition of  The Strike Mic, a weekly update from your friends and neighbors working to strengthen the voice of IU students and staff.

Romanian IU Students Protest Mining Project in Rosia Montana


The Romanian Student Organization at Indiana University is protesting Friday against an invasive mining project that was supported by the Romanian government in 2007.

The Romanian government has signed their approval for the project to commence. The area that has been affected by this project is Rosia  Montana, Romania.

Alexandra Cotofana, a first-year graduate student in the Anthropology Department and a citizen of Romania, is one of the leaders of the protest. Cotofana told us some history of the project and how it is creating problems for the people in Rosia Montana.

“It got the attention of the media in 2007 because that’s when the people started to rebel. The government kept putting pressure on people to leave their houses. They tried to pay them, but some people didn’t want to leave,”Cotofana said.

This year the Romanian government passed a law that will allow the company to force people out of their homes and this is one of the main reasons why the Romanian Student Organization is protesting against this project.

“This year, the company has raised the percentage of what they are going to pay the state for the whole project, from 4% to 6%. Now, a law has passed that will allow the company to expel residents. This is the part we are most worried about,” Cotofana said.

The Romanian Student Organization is hoping that this protest will give more attention to this issue and bring in more supporters to keep something like this from happening again.

“The media in the country doesn’t say anything about this. They support the project by keeping quiet, but the rest of the world knows. Romanian citizens care about what happens and we know that the next project when the government allows a private company to expel people might set a precedent for these sort of non-democratic acts. This could happen in my hometown next. We want them to know we are aware and we are fighting it even though we are away from home. Home is still home,” Cotofana said, explaining why this protest matters even though it is far from Romania.

The protest will take place Friday at 6 pm at the Sample Gates.

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