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Interchange – Eliding History: Jill Lepore on Telling Stories

Photo: © Dari Michele

Harvard historian and New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore joins me in the studio to discuss history and that… 1. Voting used to be fatal! 2. Margaret Sanger tried to steal her sister’s hunger strike. 3. Joe Gould is a Modernist Frat Boy Pin-up. We discuss three of her books: The Story of America: Essays on Origins, her book of …

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Voices in the Street – The Fight Against Women’s Rights Continues: Republicans Push Through a Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

On Wednesday, along mostly partisan lines, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to strip Women’s health provider Planned Parenthood of its funding in a stopgap funding bill aimed at keeping federal agencies operating in the fiscal year. Although the bill is expected to fail in the Senate, voices in the street wanted to know what your friends and neighbors think …

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Local Residents Voice Opinions on Planned Parenthood Funding

Twenty-three local residents voiced their opinions before the Monroe County Council last night, as the Council considered whether to approve a $3,000 grant to Planned Parenthood. The local clinic requested the money to help pay for contraceptives, STD testing and medical examinations. Planned Parenthood has been under fire in recent weeks after an anti-abortion group released a series of heavily …

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Interchange – Is a Woman a Person? Needing Ellen Willis More Than Ever

Ellen Willis, 1977

So, here we are, August 4th, 2015, and I’m asking “Is a Woman A Person?” You laugh, no, scoff at me for asking this. Of course!, you say. But are we “persons” by degrees with some considered lesser beings? Consider the concerted attack on women’s health funding by Republicans seeking to defund Planned Parenthood. It seems women ought to be …

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Daily Local News – July 29, 2015

Senator Dan Coats of Indiana joined 23 other senators this morning to introduce a bill that would de-fund Planned Parenthood; The Monroe County website is getting an upgrade; The Town of Ellettsville continues to deal with the fallout from a 2013 flood that forced its offices to move out of the Town Hall and into rental units at Eagle’s Landing Mall; Ivy Tech …

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Senator Coats Proposes A Bill To Remove Funding for Planned Parenthood After the Release of Controversial Videos

Senator Dan Coats of Indiana joined 23 other senators this morning to introduce a bill that would de-fund Planned Parenthood. The bill would prohibit any federal funding from going to the organization. Just yesterday, Coats released a video in which he accuses Planned Parenthood of profiting from abortion through organ harvesting. Planned Parenthood rejects the claim. The controversy began as …

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Daily Local News – April 14, 2015

The state senate today is debating a bill that would end Indiana’s common construction wage, The local transportation planning authority continues to show its discontent with the state’s handling of Interstate 69 construction, The Monroe County Solid Waste Management District is moving ahead with setting up its new recycling facility, Planned Parenthood locations in Bloomington and Columbus are offering free …

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Daily Local News – April 24, 2014

A fundraising event for Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky held last weekend brought in more than one hundred and sixty thousand dollars for the organization, which is currently in a legal battle with the state of Indiana; The Indiana University Student Foundation and the Little 500 teammates of Lauren Gill came up with a way to honor her by …

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ACLU takes on SEA371

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky filed a lawsuit in federal court this morning challenging Indiana’s newest law regulating abortion clinics. Senate Enrolled Act 371, passed earlier this year, calls for facilities that prescribe and dispense abortion-inducing medications to have many of the same emergency and urgent care resources as hospitals. The bill affects only one facility in the state, …

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