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bloomingOUT – March 5, 2015


Tonight, hosts Erica Dorsey, Jeff Poling, and Ryne Shadday discuss recent news in the LGBTQ community about marriage equality, as well as groundbreaking news in the media of ABC network’s television show The Fosters. We also interviewed Emily Brinegar, a Prevention Coordinator at IU Health Bloomington, to discuss the Bloomington AID Walk 2015. She is joined by Patrick Battani who is their social media coordinator. This year the walk is on April 10th 2015. We also heard our weekly segment, Out on Campus. This week, we hear the first part of Arielle Soussan’s conversation with Frankie Salzman about his time at the Midwestern Bi Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference. This week, the two talk about the importance of queer spaces. Our music for tonight was by King Britt a.k.a. Fhloston Paradigm Feat. Pia Ercole, “Ave Maria.” We would like to thank our guests tonight, Emily Brinegar and Patrick Battani, for joining us.

Executive Producer Joe Crawford
Producer Olivia Davidson
Script Coordinator Hayley Bass
Board Engineer Carissa Barrett

bloomingOUT – November 13, 2013


Purdue University LGBTTQ Outreach Coordinator for Multicultural Efforts to end Sexual Assault Skye Brown talks about gender and orientation violence and provides information about the Transgender Remembrance Day events planned around the state during the week of 20 November. Helen and Nick respond to a listener question from the Q Mail Bag. Patrick Battani  stops by the studio with  information about the Gifts of Grace fund raiser Dudes V Divas scheduled 30 November at Uncle Elizabeth’s.  Wesley Thomas discusses the history of Two Spirit tradition on an edition of Navajo Rainbow.

Producer Carol Fischer
Executive producer Alycin Bektesh
Associate Producers Sarah Hetrick
& Nick Tumino
News Director Josh Vidrich,
Original theme music provided by Mikial Robertson
Announcer Sarah Hetrick
Guest co-anchor Nick Tumino

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