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Daily Local News – June 3, 2015


The owners of Nick’s English Hut are leading an initiative to challenge panhandlers and others they refer to as bums in downtown Bloomington; The Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center is celebrating its 100th birthday this Friday; A new report from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index ranked Indiana as the eighth most obese state in the US; The City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department is holding a public forum this Thursday to hear from members of the community as it develops its five-year Master Plan; In other Parks news, the Department is undertaking further studies before deciding on a strategy for its proposed deer cull at the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve; The Utilities Department at the City of Bloomington has purchased a Toyota Prius to promote community support for the Georgetown University Energy Prize contest.

Indiana University Professor Christine Von Der Haar is back in the news after publishing a full account of her wrongful detainment in 2012. After settling her lawsuit against the federal government in April, Von Der Haar is ready for her story to be heard again. WFHB correspondent Ivy Bridges brings us that story. After the settlement, a federal court dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning the lawsuit cannot be filed again.

Better Beware!
Two-thirds of American adults (and way too many kids) need to lose weight, and there are more scammers working this field than perhaps any other. So called “miracle” products are ALL phony!

Anchors: Kelly Wherley, Aracelli Gomez
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Public Health Students Present Parks Program Survey Findings


On November 19th the Bloomington Board of Parks Commissioners heard reports from IU students who studied four different parks programs. The students, from the university’s school of public health, conducted surveys with residents who use the city’s softball leagues, arts events, senior citizens activities, and the B-Line Trail. Paula McDevitt, recreation services director for the Parks Department, said the information could help the department as it does long-term planning.

The group that studied the B-Line Trail found that slightly more people used the trail for biking than for walking. They also found that ninety percent of trail users were white. Michaela Sisney, who presented for the group, said they also considered users’ perceptions of safety on the trail, although they didn’t actually survey anyone about that issue.

Another group surveyed participants and spectators in the city’s softball leagues. Hillel Sapir, who presented for that group, said more people use softball for socialization than for exercise.

The softball group surveyed one hundred and eighty-seven participants and spectators at softball games. Forty-eight percent of participants cited social benefits as the main reason for playing.

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