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Study: Parking Meters Profitable for City

Jim Blickensdorf is a downtown Bloomington business owner, who admits he was at first skeptical of the metered parking. Blickensdorf recently chaired the first Bloomington Parking Commission and, as he tells WFHB News Director Wes Martin, his views have definitely changed. Blickensdorf talks about the Commission’s first annual report, its findings, and where we go from here, on today’s WFHB …

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Monroe County Public Library To Change And Expand Hours

The Monroe County Public Library will be change hours starting on Labor Day. The Library’s Board of Trustees voted June 18 to add two extra hours on Sundays, meaning the Library will soon be open from noon until 6 p.m. instead of 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Library Director Sara Laughlin said the administration has been wanted to expand Sunday …

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Parking Stays Un-Privatized at Indiana University

Indiana University Treasurer Mary Frances McCourt has estimated that parking operations on campus could generate a $43 million profit over the next twenty years. She presented her findings to the IU Board of Trustees on Friday. McCourt recommended in October that the university should control its own revenue stream, and the board accepted. McCourt said parking prices will be determined …

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Parking Meter Vandals Continue, Police Say

Local police are receiving ongoing reports of parking meter vandalism in Bloomington. Susie Johnson, director of the city’s Public Works department, says she doesn’t want to go into detail on the vandalism, but that it has been minimal so far. “I really would rather not go into it, and not draw attention to it because I think it fans the …

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City Council Lowers Parking Meter Fines

The Bloomington City Council voted yesterday to do away with the stiffest penalties for violating the city’s parking meter rules. Council President Darryl Neher introduced an amendment to city code that set a fine of twenty dollars for all parking meter violations. The amendment removed the escalating fine structure the Council passed earlier this year, which would have resulted in …

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