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Teen Dating Awareness in Bloomington


February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention month. Young people who experience dating violence are at a higher risk of substance abuse, depression, poor academic performance and future victimization. For the fourth consecutive year, organizations like Middle Way House in Bloomington, have reached out to teenagers to help them find the tools to build healthy relationships. Rene Llewellyn is a representative from Middle Way House.

“This month is set aside for discussion to try to encourage parents to talk to the teens, encourage educators, teachers to hold discussions on the topic,” says Llewellyn.

Llewellyn says Middle Way House has reached out to local teenagers in a variety of ways, from sending specialists to discuss the topic at schools to organizing meetings in the public library. She says that although culture, society and education play a role, the key to teaching health relationships lies at home, within the family. According to Llewellyn, parents should strive to be aware that sexual education is something that should not be ignored.

“An avoidance of the topic altogether can sometimes lead to the belief that an abusive relationship is a normal relationship,” Llewellyn also stated.

Llewellen says those parents who might be concerned about their childrens’ relationships can find advice from the US Department Health and Human Services website. As part of the activities organized my Middle Way House, a series of banners have been displayed around Bloomington. The banners convey messages proposed by teenagers. Llewellen says the banners were put together during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day activity.

“Our prevention team recruited over 40 teenagers.” She also says that the teens designed which messages should be put on the banners.

The banners were designed under the guidance of local artist Merridee LaMantia. They will be up until the first of March.

Daily Local News – February 26, 2015


The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, approved the long-debated net neutrality rule today;February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention month; A batch
of new luxury condos are planned for construction in downtown Bloomington;The Bloomington Board of Parks Commissioners heard an update on Tuesday about invasive species at the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve.

The Bloomington Chamber of Commerce has convened a task force to study water resources in Monroe County and beyond. WFHB News Director Joe Crawford spoke today with Liz Irwin, a spokesperson for the Chamber. They discussed the Chamber’s concerns about how water resources could affect future development in the area. We bring you that conversation now
for today’s WFHB community report. Irwin began by explaining why the Chamber assembled the task force.

Up next, our weekly public opinion segment!

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Monroe County Deer Study


Professor Timothy Carter of Ball State University gave a presentation Monday night in the Bloomington City Council
chambers. Carter discussed his study of deer behavior and biology in Monroe County. Only part of Carter’s research
is complete. We bring you a portion of Carter’s talk now for today’s WFHB community report.

Daily Local News – February 3, 2015


Earlier today a committee in the Indiana Senate moved forward a bill that could expand bus service in Monroe County;The city of Bloomington has hired two full-time employees to manage the increasing problem of invasive vegetation;Officials at the Richland Bean Blossom Community School Corporation raised concerns about funding for public education at a school board meeting last month.

Indiana, generally, and Monroe County, specifically, appear to be relatively safe from experiencing the kind of measles outbreak that California is having, at least according to some local experts on public health. Correspondent David Murphy spoke about these issues with Ross Silverman, a professor at the IU school of public health in Indianapolis, and Amy Meek, Program Manager for the Monroe County Public Health Department. We will first hear first from Silverman and then from Meek.

Giving your teenager a credit card—valuable money lesson or a parent’s worst nightmare? Our unbiased financial expert weighs in with benefits of teens “going plastic” that might surprise you.

Anchors:Casey Kuhn, Chris Martin
Today’s headlines were written by Anson Shupe, Carmen Gozalo, Emily Beck and Joe Crawford
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bloomingOUT – December 4, 2014


Tonight, hosts Ryne Shadday and Jeff Poling interview Barry McGee, artistic director of the Quarryland Men’s Chorus, and we hear a couple of songs from the group as well. We also hear from various community members at a recent Trans Day of Remembrance Day on Out on Campus. Frankie Price-Preslaff introduces his newest segment about being a gay father trying to raise eight children with his partner Kelly Compton in Bloomington, Indiana.

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New zoning rules for Monroe County rural areas


Monroe County appears to be almost finished approving new zoning rules for rural areas. But questions still remain. We bring you that story for today’s WFHB community report.

The November 18th meeting is at 6 p.m in the Nat U Hill Room of the County Courthouse.

MCCSC budget includes $4 million for technology upgrades


The Monroe County Community School Corporation is on track to spend up to $4 million on technology upgrades. The Corporation’s School Board approved the spending at a meeting October 28th. Part of the funding will go toward fulfilling the Corporation’s one-to-one technology initiative, which aims to provide every high school student with an iPad or other mobile device. Board member Sue Wanzer asked about the internet bandwidth needed to accommodate more devices.  Tim Thrasher, the business operations director at MCCSC, answered questions. Thrasher said the majority of the funding will come from a general obligation bond, which the Corporation will have to pay back over time.Wanzer asked about how the $3 million in debt could affect taxes in Monroe County.  Board member Judith Butler asked about exactly how the technology money would be spent and who would make the decisions.  The School Board later voted unanimously to approve spending up to $4 million on the technology upgrades. The Board also gave final approval for next year’s budget. That budget amount is roughly $112 million, up from $108 million last year.

Low voter turnout for midterm election


According to Monroe County’s precinct turnout reports, scarcely more than 25% of registered Monroe County voters cast ballots in yesterday’s midterm elections, making this the lowest voter turnout in a midterm election since 1990. While many factors may have contributed to the low voter turnout, one factor that may have been particularly influential was the lack of big ticket ballot issues, according to one Bloomington citizen.

The ballots that were cast yielded two particularly close races for Monroe County. The race for the school board in District 7 saw Jeannine Butler win her seat by only 2.02%, and the race for County Recorder saw Democrat Eric Schmitz win by just under 3 percent.

Three statewide races were on the ballot yesterday. Incumbent Secretary of State Connie Lawson retained her seat against democratic challenger Beth White. Republican Susanne Crouch won the Auditor seat over Democrat Mike Claytor, and Republican Kelly Mitchell won the treasurer position. Just under eight hundred thousand voters cast their ballots in the statewide races.   On the federal level Todd Young will begin his third term as the District 9 Representative in congress, securing 66 percent of the vote.

You can view a full list of local results online at wfhb.org

Business and Government Mingle at I-69 Summit


This week the convention center downtown played host to hundreds of politicians, businesspeople and government workers interested in the new I-69, both in Indiana and beyond. WFHB Assistant News Director Joe Crawford was on hand for the I-69 Summit and he brings us this report. 

Work continues on sections 4 and 5 of I-69 in Indiana. Those portions will take the Interstate into Monroe County, through Bloomington and almost to Martinsville.

Get to know your local candidates Part 2 of 6


On Tuesday, September 22, in the Bloomington City Council Chambers six candidates discussed their qualifications for public office in Monroe County. The session consisted of expert commentary and Audience Q&A. Candidates for clerk include Linda Robbins (D) Jacob Franklin (R) Candidates for Recorder include Eric Schmitz (D) and Jeff Ellington (R) Candidates for Judge include Valeri Haughton and Karen Wyle (R) This event was recorded by Community Access Television Services and used with permission by Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

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