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Better Beware – NSA Hack Fallout

The internet just got a lot more dangerous, now that military-grade hacking tools are loose on the internet. Worldwide virus attacks that use those tools are beginning.

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Senators Donnelly and Coats join US Senate to pass Victims Protection Act

Yesterday Indiana Senators Joe Donnelly and Dan Coats joined the rest of the United States Senate in the unanimous passage of the Victims Protection Act of 2014. The purpose of the bill is to provide for additional enhancements of the sexual assault prevention and response activities of the Armed Forces. However, the provisions passed in yesterday’s vote only strengthen the …

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Standardized SWAT: How US Police Forces Have Come to Resemble the Military

Radley Balko is an award winning investigative journalist for The Huffington Post, former senior editor for Reason Magazine and IU Alumnus. His new book “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces” explains how various factors and ill-advised policies have led to the US government arming and training local police forces to be more like a soldier, …

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