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Kite Line- February 9, 2018: The Long History of Black Radicalism on the Inside, Part One

This week, we are changing our format slightly.  After hearing a letter from a prisoner involved in Operation PUSH, we are broadcasting an interview between Dr. Micol Seigel and Dr. Garrett Felber on the role of the Nation of Islam in prison life and prisoners’ struggle. Beginning in the middle of the last century, the Nation of Islam built a …

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Interchange – We Decline: Inaugurate the Revolution

As we head into the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, a local group says “NO, in Thunder”: No to the erosion of civil liberties and the end of any semblance of a democratic society. We welcome organizers of Inaugurate the Revolution, a group seeking to transfer power into the hands of the disenfranchised, and to dismantle the systems of oppression …

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Interchange – Paul Robeson: The Most Dangerous Man In America

It’s primary Tuesday here in Indiana and the Democratic primary features a candidate whose rhetoric focuses on workers’ rights and social democracy and it seems as if this were subversive…it’s not, or not very, as Noam Chomsky has called Bernie Sanders a New Deal Democrat–or what was once a mainstream political position. So for this program, we’re going to take …

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Interchange – The Acceptable MLK: Speech Over Action

Host Doug Storm is joined by Rasul Mowatt and Jacinda Townsend to discuss why Martin Luther King, Jr. has been remembered and elevated to represent the struggle toward civil rights as opposed to other civil rights leaders such as Malcolm X; and how creating a “great leader” to follow can undermine the support of community movements for social and economic …

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