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Jeffrey Wolin Comes Unstuck In Time: Then and Now

Yesterday, The Limestone Post, put up a piece by WFIU’s Yaël Ksander about the collaborative work of photographer Jeff Wolin, and Scott Sanders, a master of the nature essay, called Stone Country. The two return to the work in a new edition with the subtitle: Then and Now. The young professors spent a year and a half documenting Indiana’s legendary …

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Firehouse Follies – Through The Looking Glass, Darkly

Join us at the Waldron Auditorium Sunday, Aug. 27, from 4 to 6 p.m. for the autumn edition of the WFHB Firehouse Follies, where, for a mere $10 per ticket (or 2 for $15.00) you can find out exactly what happened when Alice went through that looking glass. You know the fake news about the event–now it’s time to tell …

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Big Talk! w/ Michael Glab: Ron Eid

An article about a bike ride through New Zealand in an airline magazine inspired Ron Eid to dive into the then-changing world of journalism. Now, more than thirty years later, journalism is still in the process of becoming — although what it’s becoming hasn’t yet been fully determined. Eid is in the forefront of new media here in South Central …

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