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Veteran Reporter David Shuster Talks Facts, Opinion, and Civility

Veteran journalist and Bloomington native David Shuster spoke about the role of journalism in promoting civility and fact-driven opinion during a fundraiser Saturday for the Center for Justice and Mediation. Shuster has worked for a wide variety of news outlets including CNN, Fox News, and Al Jazeera America. He currently is an anchor and managing editor for global news service …

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Kite Line- October 6, 2017: Prison and the Press, Part One

This week is the first episode of several about the intersection between the media and prison struggles. In January of 2015, journalist Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months in prison for his role reporting on Anonymous’ hack of Stratfor, a private security and espionage company. Today, we are sharing a talk he gave at the Fight Toxic Prisons conference …

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bloomingOUT – Jacques Rozier – March 3, 2017

Join bloomingOUT anchors Colin and JP as they welcome Jacques Rozier to the show! Jacques is a Master’s student studying sports broadcasting at the Indiana University Media School who has spoken with us previously about LGBTQ+ athletes. Tonight, Jacques will discuss the existing relationship between President Donald Trump and the journalists; as well of openly Out athletes in major sports …

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bloomingOUT – Noelle Philipps – January 26, 2017

Join bloomingOUT anchors Colin and Grace as they welcome the program’s new volunteer and News Director, Noelle Philipps, to the show. Noelle will tell us a little bit about herself, her history and interest in journalism; as well as give her inputs on the new climate of freedom of press in the Donald Trump administration. Also on the program – …

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Interchange – The 2014 WFHB News Summit: A Discussion with Alycin Bektesh

Host Doug Storm asks WFHB News Director, Alycin Bektesh, questions about the upcoming WFHB News Summit. Anyone with an interest in the current status of the News Department, the future of particular shows, or a desire to learn more radio skills is invited. You do not have to be a current volunteer in the News Department to attend any of …

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