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Interchange – Who Owns the Radio? A Fund Drive Special

For our Fall Fund Drive show we offer some program highlights from the last several months to show, not tell, how deserving we are of your financial support. And we open the show with The Who’s “Eminence Front”…it’s a favorite of mine. We used this in the show with Thomas Frank, “It Takes a Democrat.” The sun shines And people …

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Interchange – The Bluff of the Century: Nixon, Alger Hiss, and the Cold War

Tricky Dick started out that way… Today’s show is about knowing and believing. And our key players are Alger Hiss, Richard Nixon, and Whittaker Chambers. Behind the scenes lurks the military industrial complex as fronted by the Dulles brothers, in particular John Foster, and corporate collaboration with Hitler’s Third Reich. But there is also in this story the justified fear …

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