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Film Director Spheeris to Appear at IU Cinema

Los Angeles based director Penelope Spheeris is coming to the IU Cinema this Friday for a 75-minute public interview. The event starts at 3. It is free, but ticketed. Spheeris’s documentaries highlight the evolution of the punk and heavy metal scene in LA over the years as well as the chaos that often comes with rock n’ roll. She was born and raised in LA, where she formed her own company in 1974 called Rock ‘N Reel. That business might have been the first company in LA to specialize in music videos. Among the most well-known music videos she has worked on as producer, director, and editor is “Bohemian Rhapsody” for “Wayne’s World.” Her feature films include “The Decline of Western Civilization” in 1979, “Suburbia” in 1983, “The Boys Next Door” in 1984 starring Charlie Sheen and Maxwell Caufield, and “Wayne’s World” in 1991. Spheeris will be turning 70 years old later this year and has spent most of her life as a film producer, director, and editor. Besides her public interview on Friday afternoon, Spheeris is also scheduled to be present during showings of The Decline of Western Civilization, Parts 1 and 2, on Thursday evening.

bloomingOUT – October 10, 2013


African American drag king performer and filmmaker KB Boyce and queer Asian-American activist and artist Celeste Chan stop by the studio to chat about the production company they founded in San Francisco for queer artists of color called Queer Rebels Productions.  They also provide information about their film series “Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance” showing at the IU Cinema Friday night 11 October. President of Black Equity Indy Sinceray Jackson is in studio to discuss various issues related to racism that especially effect the black queer community.





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