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Better Beware – Cloudy Security

Recent massive threats in cyberspace haven’t happened — but the dangers are really there and getting worse. Anyone who uses the internet needs to hear these tips.

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Better Beware – Beer and Sex

A handful of brands of beer are much more likely than others to send people to the Emergency Room, and a Canadian company is paying off customers who bought an internet-connected sex toy.

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Better Beware! – College Scams 2

Students can be more vulnerable to rip-off artists than any other group. Here are some of the biggest reasons why, and the biggest traps to avoid.

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Succeeding Without Their Permission: Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian

On Thursday February 13 Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian came to Indiana University as part of a speaking tour. Alexis is an entrepreneur, investor, and most well known for co-founding the social news site Reddit. The Union Board and the Informatics and Computing Student Association have eagerly collaborated to host Alexis for a talk on how to make the world suck less …

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Bloomington Telecomm Council Working to Fund Visit from Net Neutrality Scholar Susan Crawford

The Bloomington Telecommunications Council continued its discussions Dec. 3 about bringing telecommunications scholar Susan Crawford to Bloomington. The council has encountered issues getting funding for the visit, and last month it requested $5,500 dollars from the city Board of Public Works. New Council member Jo Throckmorton asked another member, Duane Busick, why the Council would push for the visit from …

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