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Daily Local News – August 18, 2016

Mayor John Hamilton announces plan to increase affordable housing in Bloomington; Levels of disinfectant byproducts in Bloomington’s drinking water are on the decline; Mayor John Hamilton announced upcoming changes in Bloomington’s sanitation program; the Bloomington Plan Commission gives conditional approval to rezone six acres to allow for a student oriented apartment complex; Classes at Indiana University begin on Monday, and …

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Interchange – On Being Domesticated By the State: A Conversation With James Scott (Original Air Date 3/22/16)

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We announced an interview with historian Douglas Harvey about his book Theater of Empire which juxtaposes the colonizing, mercantile worldview of the English invaders of the Americas with the embodied and ecological perspective of this land’s indigenous cultures in the 18th and 19th century America via forms of performance like ritual ceremony, circuses, and minstrel shows. However due to some …

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Interchange – How We Talk About Our Dying: Susan Gubar On Living with Cancer

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In 2008 Susan Gubar was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer which means that the cancer had metastasized beyond the ovaries into the abdomen or nearby lymph nodes. The statistical prognosis for life expectancy when ovarian cancer is diagnosed in this stage is 3-5 years. In 2012, Gubar became a participant in a Phase One drug trial that she describes …

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Bring It On – July 11, 2016

In regards to the recent wave of police action shootings and retaliatory actions, William Hosea and Cornelius Wright speak in-depth about the “Healing & Safe Space Luncheon” held recently by the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center at Indiana University Bloomington. Also, Sergeant Curt Durnil, Master Trooper Todd Durnil, and Captain Ruben Marte, all from the Indiana State Police, join Bring It …

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Students Call for Equality Across College Campuses

Today’s feature story explores a recent outcry from college students across the country, who are seeking racial justice and peace on campus. Sit-ins, protests, walkouts and demonstrations occurred on college campuses throughout the last school year. As Maddie Levin reports, IU is no exception. Each Monday during June and July, the Daily Local News is bringing you reports produced through …

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Daily Local News – June 20, 2016

Indiana University announced today it plans to spend $40M on research into what is known as “precision medicine”; Indiana University’s board of trustees has approved a $53M plan to enclose part of Memorial Stadium; the Monroe County Commissioners approved more than $3M in funding for the Fullerton Pike Road Reconstruction Project; As a response to the closure of the GE …

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Daily Local News – June 16, 2016

The Bloomington City Council last night approved allocating $280,000 in Jack Hopkins Social Service Funding to 24 area nonprofits; Monroe County Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Todd told the County Council this week that Community Corrections needs new resources to handle roughly 220 additional offenders it will see due to a 2014 rewrite of the criminal code; The Bloomington Creative Glass …

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Indiana University Joins ACLU in Fetal Tissue Lawsuit

Indiana University is joining a lawsuit challenging Indiana’s new abortion law, saying it could jeopardize hundreds of millions of dollars in research funding, as well as threaten researchers with felony prosecution. The law, House Enrolled Act 1337, mandates that all fetal remains be cremated or buried, as well as criminalizing any transfer of fetal tissue. IU conducts research into neurological …

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Hola Bloomington – May 13, 2016

Las locutoras de Hola Bloomington Maria Auxiliadora Viloria y Raquel Anderson entrevistan a estudiantes que se graduaron de la universidad de Indiana. Maria y Raquel hablan con Exsenet Esler y Eric Cervantes sobre sus experiencias en la universidad. Además, en una entrevista exclusiva con Luisa Campos, directora del Museo de la Alfabetización en Cuba, se habla sobre la campaña de …

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Hola Bloomington – April 29, 2016

Hola Bloomington’s hosts Luis Hernández and Luis Fuentes talk about one of the most anticipated Spring sporting events in Bloomington. The Indiana University’s men’s soccer match versus Mexico’s National U20 team. They provide a summary of the game and interview players and the coach of the Mexican National Team. Los locutores de Hola Bloomington Luis Hernández y Luis Fuentes hablan …

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