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Bring It On! – September 11, 2017

Hosts William Hosea and Cornelius Wright talk with Honorable Lonnie Randolph, Minority Whip, representing Indiana’s Senate District 2. ¬†Topics include public policies that will address the primary concerns of minority citizens in Indiana., such as, reducing crime, gun violence and domestic violence within our communities: and targeting assistance to address the needs of families struggling to obtain basic necessities such …

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Bring It On! – May 22, 2017

“If it affects one, it affects us all.” State Senator Eddie Melton helps us understand the recently completed Indiana Legislative Session, including important educational changes. We conclude with insights and inspiration from Mrs. Maggie DeVane, as told by her son, Gene DeVane. Mrs. DeVane soon turns 112. Two exceptional conversations, hosted by Leila Randle, and Liz Mitchell. Part One “If …

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