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Interchange – Radicals and Reactionaries: Tony McKenna’s Political Angels and Demons

Today’s show, “Radicals and Reactionaries,” is a 90-minute special with journalist and novelist Tony McKenna. Tony McKenna’s new book is Angels and Demons: A Radical Anthology of Political Lives, published by Zero Books. In it he offers a series of essays about historical figures using a Marxist analysis, showing with each of the figures examined how the art, politics and …

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Interchange – No One Here But Us Creeps: On Nonconsensual Sex, Sleeping Beauty, and Hunting Girls

Our opening song is by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars off of The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond. This is “Safe and Sound” which claims “Even if we’re six feet underground, I know that we’ll be safe and sound.” We’ll challenge even that “safety” for hunted girls in today’s program. Kelly Oliver’s recent book, Hunting Girls, …

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Arts Interchange – Rhiannon Giddens

My guest today is Rhiannon Giddens co-founder of the Carolina Chocolate Drops an old-time string band from Durham, North Carolina. Their 2010 album, Genuine Negro Jig, won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. Giddens has released a solo album produced by T. Bone Burnett called Tomorrow Is My Turn. David Fricke in …

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