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Pierce: Republicans Could Pass Anything

After arguments in the Indiana Statehouse ended the legislature’s short session, without accomplishing Governor Eric Holcomb’s priority bills, Holcomb announced a special session of the legislature to convene in May. Representative Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) spoke with WFHB News Director Wes Martin about what voters can expect out of the May session. Pierce says Republicans have a super majority in the …

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How an Indiana Bill About CBD Oil Became a Bill About Gun Deregulation

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Republicans in the Indiana House of Representatives have turned a bill about medical cannabidiol oil, into a bill deregulating firearm ownership. After the adoption of a similar bill in the Indiana Senate, Rep. William Friend (R-Macy) and other House Republicans changed the bill to do away with restrictions on firearm permitting. Rep. Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) sits on both bills conference …

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State Senate to Review Sunday Alcohol Sales

The Indiana Legislature reconvened on Tuesday, January 9. One of the items on their agenda is a revision of Indiana’s alcohol laws. An Indiana Senate committee approved a bill allowing carryout alcohol sales on Sundays. Currently, Sunday alcohol sales are prohibited from stores, from a law left over from prohibition. Senate Bill 1 would allow retailers to sell alcohol from …

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Standing Room Only: 2016 Candidate Forums for Districts 61 and 46 in the Indiana House of Representatives

On today’s episode of Standing Room Only, we will be continuing with our 2016 candidate forum series. For the first half of this segment, WFHB’s News Director Joe Crawford will be interviewing candidates for District 61 in the Indiana House of Representatives. Those candidates are Drew Ash and incumbent Matt Pierce. In the second half of the episode, Joe Crawford …

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