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The Strike Mic – December 17, 2013


This week on The Strike Mic, a weekend march in response to the passing of Ian Stark, and the underlying issues of social services and homelessness in Bloomington.

Ordinance meant to keep homeless from sleeping on courthouse lawn


The Monroe County Commission approved a new law August 23 aimed at keeping homeless people from sleeping on the Courthouse lawn. The law formally establishes hours of operation for the Courthouse grounds.

“This summer, people have taken to camping on the courthouse grounds and that’s resulted in trash and bodily waste to the degree that the public health of the safety crew and people visiting is in peril” says County Attorney David Schilling.

People experiencing homelessness have been sleeping on the courthouse lawn for months. There is no Interfaith Summer Shelter this year, and the city of Bloomington has shut down informal shelters on 11th street and in a city parking garage. Commission member Iris Kiesling asked how this new law would be enforced. Schilling said they’d put up signs saying the hours of the lawn and violation of the hours would be grounds for a trespass violation.   The official hours of operation for the courthouse lawn are now 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. each day. Kiesling said the County has taken measures to make it “less fun” to sleep on the lawn, but she didn’t say what those measures were.

“Businesses around the courthouse can see what’s going on and are concerned. It’s a shame because we have such a beautiful courthouse and I’d hate to see that getting destroyed,” Kiesling said.

All three members of the Commission voted to approve the ordinance. The wording of the law will have to be published in the Herald-Times before police are allowed to impose fines for violating it.

Daily Local News – August 27, 2013


The Monroe County Commission approved a new law August 23rd aimed at keeping homeless people from sleeping on the Courthouse lawn; Airline passengers should be prepared to face higher ticket prices and less service if the proposed merger between US Airways and American Airlines goes through, according to a local expert on anti-trust and consumer law; State Representative Peggy Mayfield will be joining members of the National Federation of Independent Business at a field hearing on Wednesday, August 28 in Bloomington; Bloomington bus riders now have a new alternative technological option with the introduction of a GPS real-time mapping system; Changes to the construction project at Griffy Dam will save about $17,000, according to Bloomington Utilities Department engineer.

Documents: I-69 Contractors Have Histories of Violations
Crews with vacuum trucks and other equipment are still working this week to clean up eroded soil along the planned path of Interstate 69 in southern Monroe County. Storms earlier this summer caused sediment to flow away from I-69 construction sites and into local waterways after contractors failed to control the erosion. The sediment can make it difficult for aquatic life to survive in the local creeks and streams, and some nearby residents worry their water supplies could be contaminated. Now, documents shared with WFHB have revealed this summer’s erosion problems were only the most recent in a long line of violations committed by contractors building I-69. Assistant News Director Joe Crawford has that story for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Thinking about getting a new feathered or furry friend? Emily Herr from the Bloomington Animal Shelter is back again to discuss how adding a new pet can effect your finances.

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