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Interchange – Dissecting Male Supremacy: Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics

We open the show with Bobbi Martin’s “For the Love of Him.” All the music played is from the 1970 Billboard Top 100, extending the discussion from last week’s show on the political power of music. Kate Millett’s 1970 book, Sexual Politics, is a classic text of Second Wave Feminism, finding sexism and subjection inherent in the institutions of marriage …

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Interchange – It Takes a Democrat: Selling out Solidarity

Historian and bestselling author of What’s the Matter with Kansas?, Thomas Frank, came to Bloomington on March 24th promoting his latest attempt at diagnosing our decades-long liberal malaise and ineptitude in the Democratic Party. While he was here he stopped in to chat with Interchange Assistant Producer Rob Schoon about his new book: Listen, Liberal — which asks the question, …

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Bring It On! November 7, 2016

On the eve of the presidential election, William Hosea, Leila Randle, Clearance Boone, and Eric Love talk about the presidential candidates and share their impressions of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump through listening to excerpts of their candidacy. PART ONE On the eve of the presidential election, William Hosea, Leila Randle, Clearance Boone, and Eric Love talk about the …

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bloomingOUT – From the Archives : Post-Convention Roundtable – September 29, 2016

The bloomingOUT crew takes a week break from the live program, but hopes you enjoy this re-airing of a post-Democratic and Republican National Convention roundtable discussion between anchors Janae Cummings and Jeff Poling, bloomingOUT producer, Ryne Shadday; and special contributor, Brandon Gage. When this episode was aired, both party conventions had concluded, and the respective presidential nominees had been named (Donald Trump …

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bloomingOUT – Post-National Convention Roundtable – July 28, 2016

On tonight’s show, join anchors Janae and JP as they participate in a post Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention Roundtable discussion with bloomingOUT producer, Ryne Shadday; and special contributor Brandon Gage. This week wrapped the official nomination of Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton; who will be facing off in the upcoming November presidential election against Republican nominee and …

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Bernie Sanders Supporters Speak Outside IU Auditorium

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is set to speak at a rally this evening at the IU Auditorium. The doors opened at 5 o’clock and Sanders is supposed to begin speaking around 7. Sanders is the first presidential candidate to hold a rally in Bloomington this election season. His supporters began lining up outside the Auditorium early this morning. WFHB …

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