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Kite Line – September 30, 2016: Women, Health and Prison, Part One

This week is our introduction to the topic of women, health, and prison. We speak with some prisoners about their experiences with mental health in prison, and hear additional commentary from outside sources, hoping to lay the groundwork for future episodes about the subject.

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Standing Room Only – Wendell Potter on the Future of Healthcare in America

Wendell Potter worked as a Public Relations representative for Humana and Cigna health insurance agencies before he realized that he was, “on the wrong side of healthcare.” he left the healthcare industry to pursue his own advocacy in creating a more inclusive national healthcare program. On March 1st, Potter took to the stage at the Buskirk Chumley theater to promote …

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IU Students Form ‘March Madness’ Volunteer Group to Spread Information on Obamacare

The Indiana University and Ivy Tech students of the Affordable Care Act Volunteers of Monroe County are starting a new campus organization. The group is launching a March healthcare campaign called “Madness” that will help students learn more about health insurance and the Affordable Care Act. David Meyer, president of the ACA Volunteers of Monroe County, says this campaign will …

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Local Volunteers Spread the Word About Affordable Care Act Information to Local Faith Leaders

The Affordable Care Act Volunteers of Monroe County Incorporated launched their Faith Neighbors Campaign on Sunday. The campaign is designed to directly contact each faith community in Monroe County. David Meyer is president of the group. “The Faith Neighbors Campaign is an outreach effort to all communities of faith in Monroe County,” Meyer says, “We count about 155 of them, …

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IU Researchers Receive Grant to Prove Advantages of Data Mining for Healthcare

Artificial intelligence in hospitals working with doctors to prescribe treatment sounds like something straight out of the movies. Researchers at the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University are working to make this a reality. The process, which uses data mining and a method called machine learning, could lead the way to a cheaper, better healthcare system. The research …

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Part 2 of Health and Education with Glenda Ritz and Rob Stone

On Saturday November 23rd The Brown County Democratic Party invited the public to join a brown bag lunch session with Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz and the Director and Founder of Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan Rob Stone, M.D. The event was free to the public, and included a question and answer period. Part 1 focused on Education …

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