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Interchange – The Political Prisoner in the Modern World

“You have done nothing wrong — though to be honest perhaps that’s a matter of perspective. You marched in a demonstration, or you attended a meeting, or you wrote an essay that appeared in an underground journal, or you merely possessed a copy of that journal. Or maybe you really did break the law. You planted a bomb, carried a …

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Kite Line- December 22, 2017: Rightlessness

This week we speak with Naomi Paik about her 2016 book, Rightlessness. Her work addresses the most pressing contemporary issues, drawing together the brutal state of exception imposed on Haitian and Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo with the historical experience of Japanese internment camps and the current anti-immigrant drive. She focuses on the spaces – whether prisons, concentration camps, or immigrant …

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Interchange – The State of Terror: Guantanamo Diary

“The State of Terror: Guantanamo Diary” Part One: “Presenting Redacted” Joan Hawkins and Tony Brewer discuss selections of Guantánamo Diary they chose to perform as part of a collaboration between WFHB’s Books Unbound and The Writer’s Guild at Bloomington. We talk about the force of the redactions made in the text; if the narrative is effective as an “abolitionist” document; …

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