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Interchange – On Police Force

Critical Incident Response Team in training at the Public Safety Training Center on South Walnut. Photo courtesy of the Bloomington Police Dept.

Let’s start with this bit from Jean Anouilh’s version of Antigone performed in Nazi occupied France in 1942. The stress here is not on individual men, but on the institutional role. They are the guards. They chew tobacco; one smells of garlic,another of beer; but they’re not a bad lot. They have wives they are afraid of, kids who are …

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Interchange – Gownsburg: The Messy Child Born of a Dysfunctional Couple

Student false alarm rates are an egregious cost that the city pays. Photo credit: David Snodgress for the Herald-Times

Universities are paternalistic and infantilizing and municipalities enable them. This translates loosely into “If you’re father says it’s okay…” Bringing a wealth of experience in Bloomington City Government to the topic, Geography scholar Stephen Volan will share his research into how college campuses function, for better and for worse, as municipalities. Indiana University has a complex relationship with the City …

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Firehouse Sessions – Seán Cleland & Jackie Moran


Seán Cleland is an Irish fiddle player, music teacher, producer, and executive director of the Irish Music School of Chicago and has toured and recorded in bands such as Baal Tinne, The Drovers, Bohola, and more. Jackie Moran is a preeminent Bodhrán player in Chicago Irish music, and a founding and driving force of bands such as The Drovers, Comas, …

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Local Live – Jesse Slokum

Slokum 3_cr

Jesse Slokum, a.k.a. Busker 4 Freedom, stops by WFHB to discuss his development as a musician. He plays a few songs that capture a hopeful perspective on society and the skewed perspective of one wearing beer goggles. SONGS 1.) Baby Spoons 2.) Outside Man 3.) Have you Heard? 4.) Beer Goggles Hosted by Frankie Ferrell Engineers: Dan Withered, Cindy Brubaker, …

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Interchange – Eliding History: Jill Lepore on Telling Stories

Photo: © Dari Michele

Harvard historian and New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore joins me in the studio to discuss history and that… 1. Voting used to be fatal! 2. Margaret Sanger tried to steal her sister’s hunger strike. 3. Joe Gould is a Modernist Frat Boy Pin-up. We discuss three of her books: The Story of America: Essays on Origins, her book of …

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General Electric Cuts Retiree Health Care — Workers in Bloomington Protest

Ruth Whitt, right, says she was repeatedly assured she would have health care benefits during her retirement.

Retirees from General Electric demonstrated outside the plant on Curry Pike earlier today. GE has just slashed retirees’ health care benefits. Sandy Turner says she worked in the plant for 29 years before retiring in 2005. Turner told WFHB: “We’re out here in protest of GE breaking their promises (to) the retirees. Over the years we’ve made billions of dollars for this corporation — this …

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Firehouse Sessions – Craig Finn

New Board

On March 16, 2016, singer/songwriter Craig Finn joined us at WFHB for a Firehouse Session in advance of his show that evening at the Bluebird. Craig played three tunes and discussed his transformation from punk rock preacher to vulnerable journeyman. Formerly of The Hold Steady, he was on tour supporting his sophomore solo release, “Faith In The Future.” SONGS 1. …

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Local Live – Lather-Sommer


Lather-Sommer bring their heavy, hallucination-inducing chaos to WFHB’s Local Live! Hosted by Jar Turner Engineered by Jim Lang & Dan Withered Produced by Frankie Farrell Executive Producer is Jim Manion Originally broadcast on March 9, 2016.

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Interchange – Great Heaps of Grain and People (and Diseases): On Being Domesticated by the State

wet rice cultivation

There seems to have been a massive intellectual and political push lately to frame the state as a clear force for good all in the face fraudulent war, fraudulent economics, and terror-practices–Steven Pinker’s Better Angels, and the American Psychological Association’s deal with the torture devils; Martin Seligman’s cadre of Positive Psychologists telling us to “come on get happy” in the …

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Firehouse Sessions – HoneyHoney

New Board

On March 10th, we enjoyed a delightful in-studio session with HONEYHONEY before their performance at The Bishop. The duo, featuring Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe, released their album “3” last year. Track list: 1. “Whatchya Gonna Do Now” 2. “Yours to Bear” 3. “Big Man” Host: Christine Brackenhoff Engineers: Dan Withered and Jeffrey Morris Producer: Christine Brackenhoff Executive Producer: Jim …

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