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Mayor’s Deal Would Give Real Estate, Tax Break to Company Led By IU Trustee

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton speaks Nov. 16 at the Dimension Mill, where he announced he wants the city to give the building to the Tsuchiya Group, a Japan-based company whose North American branch is run by Indiana University Trustee Melanie Walker.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton has announced that he wants the city to give an acre of downtown property to an auto parts manufacturer that wants to make its North American corporate headquarters there. In exchange, the company would create at least 18 jobs. The structure in question, the Dimension Mill, is just north of City Hall. The building is mostly …

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Anna & Elizabeth: WFHB Lotus Live from Blockhouse Studios September 17, 2016


Multi-instrumentalist Anna Roberts-Gevalt and ballad-singer Elizabeth LaPrelle honor Appalachian artistry with a repertoire collected from archives, elder musicians, and their contemporaries among the old-time renaissance in the U.S. In haunting ballads, lilting lullabies, and songs of grace and redemption, the duo showcases arresting vocal harmonies that seem both very old yet fresh and raw.  Roberts-Gevalt and LaPrelle also create and …

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Interchange – Selling Happiness: Part Five of The Way of Neoliberalism


Happiness. We all want it. But what can that word mean? What do we imagine we’re seeking as we spend much of our time and effort in pursuit of happiness? Happiness has become the biggest idea of our age, a new religion dedicated to well-being. Political economist Will Davies shows how this philosophy, first pronounced by Jeremy Bentham in the …

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Kite Line: November 12, 2016 – Families and Prison, Part One


This week is our first installment of a series covering the impact of prison on families. This episode focuses on Wendi Middleton, who works in the Indiana Women’s Prison with her organization Angel’s Wings, which provides a variety of services to incarcerated women, from newly pregnant mothers to women who became prisoners while being the primary caregiver for their children. …

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What the Election Means For Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

BloomingOUT logo

In this report from BloomingOUT, Kathryn de la Rosa takes a look at the candidates who have just been elected to the highest offices in the land. What are their positions on LGBTQ rights and what legislation have they supported?

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ELECTION RESULTS (Monroe County Only)

Local gov 1

The following are Monroe County results from the primary election, supplied to WFHB by the Monroe County Clerk’s Office as of 8:15 p.m. These are only Monroe County’s results. Outcomes of statewide and federal races depend on results from beyond Monroe County. 88 percent of precincts are reporting. ~~~~ MCCSC Referendum Yes: 81.4% No: 18.6% MCCSC Board, District 2 Sue Wanzer:  61.7% …

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Interchange – Selling Censorship: Part Four of The Way of Neoliberalism


Free speech is not the norm, and even in a country that explicitly protects speech in its foundational documents, censorship can still creep into our lives in unexpected ways. On this election night, “Selling Censorship,” another episode in our series The Way of Neoliberalism, about our current cultural environment that dominates our society, politics, and our interactions with each other. …

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Kite Line: November 4, 2016 – Sekou Kambui


This week, we return to the experiences and stories of Sekou Kambui, who was incarcerated for 47 years in Alabama prisons. He was originally charged due to his commitment to Black liberation and organizing in the deep south. In this interview with James Kilgore, we get a picture of the New Afrikan practices of self-education and jailhouse legal work which …

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AUDIO — WFHB Community Conversation: Race and Privilege, a Backyard Perspective


(Note: the player above plays only the first third of the event. To listen to parts 2 and 3, use the links at the bottom of this post.) From Ferguson to Charlotte, a national dialogue is underway about the status of race and racism in the United States. But how are things here, in Bloomington and other communities in South …

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Interchange – Selling Me, Inc.: Part Three of The Way of Neoliberalism


First corporations became people. Now people are becoming businesses. That’s the logic of the marketplace applied to employment. Tonight, the third episode in our series “The Way of Neoliberalism”: Selling Me, Inc. In our last two episodes we spoke with Wendy Brown and Philip Mirowski to get a sense of where Neoliberal ideas came from, and how they’ve crept into …

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