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Voices in the Street: “Threats to Free Speech?”

Events leading up to and following the election of Donald Trump as president have raised questions about freedom of speech in the U.S. During the campaign, Trump famously ejected protesters from his rallies and promised to strengthen libel laws to curtail the rights of the press. In recent months, prominent white nationalists have made campus speaking tours, with supporters declaring …

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Interchange – Selling Censorship: Part Four of The Way of Neoliberalism

Free speech is not the norm, and even in a country that explicitly protects speech in its foundational documents, censorship can still creep into our lives in unexpected ways. On this election night, “Selling Censorship,” another episode in our series The Way of Neoliberalism, about our current cultural environment that dominates our society, politics, and our interactions with each other. …

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Books Unbound – Killing Voltaire: An Observance for Charlie Hebdo

“Killing Voltaire: An Observance for Charlie Hebdo” is a collaborative response by the Books Unbound community to the deadly attack on the offices of the French satiric weekly. Classic and contemporary free-speech quotations from the Voice of Reason (Patsy Rahn), probing passages from authors by the Provocateur (Tony Brewer), and readings from Voltaire himself on fanaticism, blasphemy, and liberty vs. …

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