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James Farmer and The science behind the success of local food systems


On Tuesday September 16th  Science Café presented James Farmer, an assistant professor in the SPEA school. Farmer is an expert in local food and the dynamics of farmer’s markets and restaurants and his presentation centered on the value of de-centralized food distribution. This event was hosted by Finch’s Brasserie and recorded by WFHB correspondents for Standing Room Only, on WFHB.

Blood Drive To Be Held At Farmer’s Market This Saturday


For the first time, the City of Bloomington partners with the American Red Cross for the blood drive at Famers’ Market this Saturday.

Nancy Woolery, Health Project Manager for the City of Bloomington said blood type positive O is still in highest demand but she encouraged citizens to donate any type of  blood.

“In the summer blood donations drop because a lot of people are on vacation so there’s been a shortage. Now that fall is coming up, it’s a good time to start motivating people to donate. We get such a large crowd at the Farmer’s Market and so thought we could get a good response.

Woolery reminded donors to eat before donating, and that there are certain requirements they should read through. Donators will also be screened by a nurse to see if they are eligible to donate.

“There’s a book you have to read beforehand which says which country, if you’ve visited, that  would make you ineligible to donate. You have to be at least 17 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds,” Woolery says.

The blood drive will take place in Council Chambers of City Hall from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. this Saturday.

No appointment is needed to donate during the September 7 blood drive.


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