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Interchange – Drones At Liberty: Part One


This is the first of a two-part program based on a symposium to be held at Indiana University called Reconfiguring Global Space: The Geography, Politics, and Ethics of Drone War.

In warfare against savage tribes who do not conform to codes of civilized warfare aerial bombardment is not necessarily limited in its methods or objectives by rules agreed upon in international law. –Royal Air Force Chief of the Air Staff, Hugh Trenchard, March 1, 1924.

“To be against the drone program is like being against the Internet.” Ethan Hawke, actor.

Majed Akhter is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Indiana University Bloomington. He is a human geographer working at the intersection of political ecology/economy, development studies, and the history and politics of South Asia. His research queries how the spatiality of state power shapes, and is shaped by, transnational and transregional processes.

Hamid Ekbia is an Associate Professor of Informatics, Cognitive Science, and International Studies, and Director of the Center for Research on Mediated Interaction. His work focuses on mediation, that is, on the processes through which objects and meanings are transformed in hybrid networks of interaction. In particular, he wants to understand how technologies mediate interactions among individuals, organizations, and collectives. He is the author of Artificial Dreams: The Quest for Non­biological Intelligence (2008).

Jon Langford, “Drone Operator”
The Alan Parsons Project, “Eye In The Sky”

Good Kill, written and directed by Andrew Niccol
Wounds of Waziristan, a documentary film by Madiha Tahir

Interchange – Terror Skies: The Drone as Judge and Jury

The Medieval New
Popular models of innovation (including buzzwords such as “creative destruction” or “disruptive innovation”) prize getting rid of anything that’s old. But some of us are starting to reimagine innovation in different terms: as reusing, recycling, refurbishing, sampling, or updating the old. In her new book, Patricia Ingham shows that creative models combining old AND new have a long and interesting innovating history. Focusing on the period that gave us eye glasses, windmills, courtly love, and mechanical clocks, (not to mention falconry and the blast furnace), Ingham asks us to reconsider what we think we mean by calling something new.

Producer & Host: Doug Storm
Board & Music Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Production Assistance: Kara Tullman
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford

Interchange – Colin Allen: Thinking About Thinking Machines


This week on Interchange, host Doug Storm talks with Colin Allen, a professor in the Department of History and the Philosophy of Science, about robotics, autonomous moral agents, and their portrayal in popular culture.  Allen talks about Google Cars, C3PO, and military and surveillance drones.  His work seeks to response to Rosalind Picard’s assertion that the more freedom a machine has the more it will need a moral sense.

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