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Daily Local News – September 17, 2014


Eli Lilly yesterday announced a partnership with U. K. drug maker AstraZeneca to develop and commercialize a potential new drug for Alzheimer’s; Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller joined collegues in thirty-seven states urging the FCC to allow more extensive use of call blocking technologies; The Alzheimer’s Association raised more than $55,000 this past Saturday in Monroe County with its Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Bryan Park; Though CO 2 emissions in the atmosphere continue to rise, Indiana’s senior politicians are work hard to resist any carbon restrictions by the environmental protection agency; Local schools and utilities are slowly becoming involved in the effort to win a nationwide energy conservation competition; Upper-story corporate offices won’t have to comply with one of Bloomington’s newest rules

Jackson Creek Middle School is not in Bloomington. Neither is the Bloomington Country Club, or the new Walmart location. These and other major players to Bloomington’s economy are all located in the county-controlled Urban Enterprise Zone. Tomorrow evening there will be a public open house regarding the county’s plans for this area. To find out more, WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh spoke with Larry Wilson, Director of Planning for Monroe County for today’s community report.

Our weekly consumer watchdog segment.

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Indiana Sierra Club on Carbon Limits for Coal Plants


Under rules announced last week by the Environmental Protection Agency, new power plants will be limited in how much carbon they can emit into the atmosphere. The new rule is expected to most dramatically affect coal-fired plants, which will be forced to capture at least some of the carbon they release. Both supporters and detractors of the rules say they will make it more difficult to build new, financially viable coal plants. The Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club has often brought attention to the environmental hazards of coal power. Assistant News Director Joe Crawford spoke with Jody Perras, from the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, about the potential effects of the rules for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

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