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Wes Martin Speaks with Undocu-Hoosiers Bloomington’s Olive Rusk

The Federal government is scheduled to reopen tomorrow, after the Senate moved forward on a spending bill earlier today. At the heart of the shutdown is an ongoing debate over immigration, specifically the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals policy, or DACA, which was implemented by President Obama in 2010. Undocu-Hoosiers Bloomington is a student-lead organization advocating on behalf of undocumented …

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Hola Bloomington – January 12, 2017

Locutores Carlos Bakota, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, y Sean Mckinney hablan sobre las noticas, leyes y politica. Enterate de las nuevas noticias y lo que significa DACA, TPS y CPR. Hosts, Carlos Bakota, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, and Sean Mckinney talk about news, law and politics. Get updated on the current news, what DAA, TPS and CPR means.

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Voices in the Street: “what do you think about President Trump rescinding deferred action for childhood arrivals?” (aka DACA)

Last week the Trump administration announced that DACA will be phased out by March 2018. DACA is a presidential memorandum issued by president Obama in 2012 which defers deportation for two years for undocumented, law abiding immigrants who were brought here as children before the age of 16. DACA status is renewable and offers the ability to remain temporarily in …

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Hola Bloomington – Setember 8, 2017

Locutores Carlos Bakota, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, Luis Hernandez hablan de la situacion politica actual y como nos esta afectando. DACA. Hosts Carlos Bakota, Luise Fuentes-Rohwer, luis Hernandez talk about the current political situation and its’ affects. DACA.

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Daily Local News – August 30, 2017

Late last week, the Indiana State Police arrested 20 people in a multiple county crackdown on methamphetamine use. Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton joined public officials around the country yesterday, when he signed a letter of solidarity, expressing support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. The City Council begins its review of the city’s proposed 2040 Comprehensive …

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