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Daily Local News – September 23, 2014


Today is National Voter Registration Day and in celebration, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson urges Hoosiers to use a new mobile registration app to confirm or register their vote; Tonight at 7:00 p.m. in Whittenberg Auditorium at the IU Memorial Union, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas will speak about his life as an undocumented immigrant; Senator Dan Coats has joined a group of 45 senators in sending a letter to President Obama urging him to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline; Kids do not seem to be getting in the way of their parent’s dating lives; Bloomington’s most famous internet cat, Lil Bub, has recently partnered with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help cats that are in need of extra medical care or assistance; CVS is looking to open a new store in the heart of downtown Bloomington; Workers are beginning sidewalk construction this week on a road that is a notorious pedestrian hazard; New data from the U.S. Census Bureau places Bloomington in fifth place for fastest growing cities in the nation; After many proposals and many discussions, government owned and operated recycling facility has been approved; An event meant to examine the use of streets to encourage healthy living and community may be denied a permit based on inappropriate use of streets.

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ISTA Settlement: The State Responds


Continuing our story from yesterday’s Daily Local News—Valerie Kroeger, from the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson, talks about the out-of-court settlement between the Indiana Secretary of State and the Indiana Teachers association, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Grant Rejection Has Hints of Politics


The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office is playing politics with grants that are intended to improve accessibility in the state’s polling places. That’s according to Monroe County Clerk Linda Robbins, who says the office denied the county grant funding for a project that would improve its early voting center. Robbins says the office is not funding any early voting projects this year, apparently because expanding early voting tends to benefit Democrats. Secretary of State Connie Lawson, who is a Republican, denies the decision had anything to do with politics. Assistant News Director Joe Crawford has the story for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Daily Local News – November 6, 2013


Megan Robertson, the campaign manager for Freedom Indiana spoke yesterday at Indiana University Bloomington’s Maurer School of Law; Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson announced today that Indiana is leading the way in electronic poll book standards; The Bloomington Board of Parks Commissioners rejected an appeal October 22nd, from a resident who opposed the city cutting down trees to make way for a new trail; Governor Mike Pence named Rick Ruble the new Commissioner of the Department of Labor on Monday. Ruble, who is from Martinsville, has held the Interim Commissioner position for the department since September.

Indiana’s Bully Bill
This Spring the Indiana General Assembly passed HEA 1423, anti-bullying legislation, which went into effect July 1st. In the Centers for Disease Control’s 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Indiana was ranked 3rd in the country for both bullying on school property and online bullying. The survey found that one-in-twenty Hoosier children hadn’t shown up to school in the month prior to the survey, because they were fearful of their safety. After the bill passed, a summer task group was set up to instruct school districts and Indiana residents about bullying. Members of that task force clarify the law for today’s WFHB feature report.

Ethnic minorities are more likely to be victimized by scams and swindles – and the numbers might surprise you. But there is help, and we’re here to tell you what YOU can do about it, on a new edition of our consumer watchdog segment Bloomington Beware!

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New Voter Registration Restrictions


Last week, an announcement from the office of Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson mentioned new voter registration forms aimed at eliminating fraudulent registrations. The new forms place accountability on individuals who assist in voter registration efforts, and also work to avoid what Lawson calls hoarding and dumping, a tactic meant to benefit a single candidate through burdening local county clerks. WFHB News Correspondent Lauren Glapa investigates the need for the new forms, and what effect they might have on voter registration efforts, for this WFHB feature exclusive.

ISTA Settles $14 million lawsuit


Last Tuesday, Secretary of State Connie Lawson and her office reached an agreement regarding terms of a 14 million dollar settlement with the Indiana State Teachers Association and the National Education Association.

The ISTA offered teachers and other school employees a medical plan that allowed school corporations to invest their excess balances to offset future health care costs. But, according to Secretary Lawson, that isn’t what ended up happening.

Lawson also alleges that the ISTA continuously issued quarterly and annual statements to schools misrepresenting fund balances. She says this has been a long time coming and that this settlement in the long run was the right thing to do.

The ISTA and NEA agreed to the settlement terms that would return $14 million to the 27 school corporations.

Daily Local News – August 19, 2013


Secretary of State Connie Lawson and her office reached an agreement regarding terms of a $14 million settlement with the Indiana State Teachers Association and the National Education Association; At a work session August 13th, the Monroe County Community School Board discussed if and how to issue another multi-million dollar bond; The Monroe County Public Library may soon end its test proctoring service, which a Library employee said has become too popular; State Road 54 in Greene County is closed to traffic beginning today.

Scientia Recieves Crane Contract
A software company based in Bloomington announced earlier this month it had reached a major new agreement with the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. The company, Scientia LLC was formed in 2010 by three former employees of the Center. For today’s WFHB feature exclusive, Assistant News Director Joe Crawford spoke with one of the owners about what the company produces and its relationship with the military.

Sarah Delone of the Monroe County Humane Association talks about the  the Association’s VIPaws therapy animal program. Learn about VIPaws and how you & your pet can become a part of this program.

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