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Interchange – These Hollowed Halls: Business Creep(s) in the University

What shall it profit a university to gain valuable endowments or private partnerships, if it should lose its soul? The public University as we know it is in crisis, as business prerogatives overtake its values and executive-style leadership eats away at its budgets. The number university administrators has grown over 350% since 1976, while faculty levels are nearly stagnant*; college …

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Interchange – Anarchy Is Intersectional: Learning From Emma Goldman

Our show today is Anarchy is Intersectional: Learning from Emma Goldman. Goldman, a feminist anarchist, was disdainful of what is now called “Lean In” feminism saying, in a letter written 99 years ago on April 3, 1919, that “…the feminists foolishly believe that having a man’s job, or professions, makes them free.” Emma Goldman was born to Orthodox Jewish parents …

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Interchange – Leon Trotsky, or The Revolution Betrayed

Our show today is another in our series on the Russian Revolution of 1917. This time our focus is on Leon Trotsky. Our music throughout is by the 80s English, socialist, skinhead, soul, punk group, The Redskins. We open with “Lev Bronstein.” The dream of socialism as an organizing principle has been deemed an inevitable failure — and logically undemocratic …

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Interchange – The United States of Apartheid: Gerald Horne On the White Supremacist Project

For tonight’s show, “The United States of Apartheid,” we welcome Gerald Horne. It would be something of an understatement to call Gerald Horne a prolific author; he has more than 30 books and over 100 scholarly articles to his credit. The Wikipedia entry describes his work further: While many of Horne’s books use a celebrated, intriguing or politically engaged individual …

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Alternative Voice with David Barsamian, Part 1

On April 10th in Bloomington Indiana Alternative Radio’s David Barsamian he spoke about his lifetime of work as an independent media producer, and the convergence of media, capitalism, and the environment.  Mr. Barsamian and Dr. Martha Crouch were the primary speakers and the event was recorded on location at the Bloomington Monroe County Convention Center by WFHB’s Alycin Bektesh for …

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Fall Tocqueville Lecture Series On the Limits of Capitalism Begins Friday

The Tocqueville Program at Indiana University Bloomington will kick off the fall 2013 series Friday. The program was founded in 2009, says Director of the Tocqueville Program, Aurelian Craiutu. “The main goal of the program is to organize a series of lectures and conferences that will bring theoretical foundations of American democracy to campus,” Craiutu says, “We are holding lectures …

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