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Local Live – Unholy UFO

Unholy UFO returns for another performance in the WFHB studio. Self-described as “lo-fi bedroom pop,” these songs have an abrasive edge and wild spirit. Robert Craven plays guitar and sings, Robbie Sherman provides bass, and Cameron Vanover is on drums. 1. The Walk 2. Kelly’s Saving Grace 3. Drugs for Royalty 4. Analyze 5. I Don’t Believe in Cameras 6. …

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Local Live – Gout

GOUT is a rock band comprised of Brad Wilhelm on Guitar, Mike Schunn on drums and backing Vocals, and Deke Hager on bass and vocals. They are mainly influenced by 70’s era rock, but enjoy playing other types of rock music. They named the band GOUT, because like their music, it can flare up at any time. 1.) Apocalypse Tonight …

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Local Live Remote – Zion Crossroads

Set Two: Zion Crossroads – Travers Marks (vocals, guitar, songwriter), John Stith (bass), Tim Moore (drums), Doc Malone (harmonica), Richard Dugger (lead guitar), Kyle Franke   (trombone, vocals) 1. Unknown 2. Unknown 3. Unknown 4. Unknown 5. Well…All Right (Cover) 6. Unknown 7. Heart of Gold (Cover) 8. Pick a Low Road 9. Unknown Originally Aired 03/08/2017 Local Live Remote …

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Local Live – Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain is R&B fueled synth-pop that comes to whimsical, dreamy life with the vocal harmonies of Biz Strother (synth), Kenzie Main, and Chelsea Sherman. The other links, Chuck Roldan (drums) and Gerard Pannekoek (bass), complete the Chain before performing as Interpol for a Halloween cover show. 1. Baby Blue 2. Woman of My Word 3. Kitchen 4. Say to …

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