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Interchange – Storied States: James Scott’s Against the Grain

EXTENDED TAKE (Radio Cut below) Today’s show is Storied States and is something of “counter-companion” to last week’s program, Storied Into Being, with Anthology Editor and Literature professor Martin Puchner. That show followed the stories which accompanied writing technology on its roughly 5,000 year journey from the accountants of ancient Mesopotamia (which means between two rivers) to the entrepreneurship of …

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Interchange – On Being Domesticated By the State: A Conversation With James Scott (Original Air Date 3/22/16)

We announced an interview with historian Douglas Harvey about his book Theater of Empire which juxtaposes the colonizing, mercantile worldview of the English invaders of the Americas with the embodied and ecological perspective of this land’s indigenous cultures in the 18th and 19th century America via forms of performance like ritual ceremony, circuses, and minstrel shows. However due to some …

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Interchange – Great Heaps of Grain and People (and Diseases): On Being Domesticated by the State

There seems to have been a massive intellectual and political push lately to frame the state as a clear force for good all in the face fraudulent war, fraudulent economics, and terror-practices–Steven Pinker’s Better Angels, and the American Psychological Association’s deal with the torture devils; Martin Seligman’s cadre of Positive Psychologists telling us to “come on get happy” in the …

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