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Sunday Alcohol Sales One Step Closer To Being Legal In Indiana

The state is moving toward allowing Sunday alcohol sales but possibly with more restrictions that will apply to all liquor sales every day.

In late January, the Daily Local News reported that bills had been introduced into both branches of the state legislature to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana. We spoke to representatives from the two retail groups that had lined up on opposing sides of the issue.

Grant Monahan, of the Indiana Retail Council, lobbied for treating Sunday like the rest of the week when it comes to selling alcohol. He said the issue was about customer convenience. Patrick Tamm, of the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers, the private liquor stores, said alcohol should be sold under strict guidelines. Tamm compared alcohol to other restricted products like tobacco and pharmaceuticals.

Last week, the Indiana House Public Policy Committee voted 10-2 to send a bill to the floor of the House that would repeal Indiana’s long-time post-prohibition era ban on Sunday sales. But the measure also comes with new restrictions that would apply all week long.

It would require beer and wine to be kept in a set aside area of grocery and convenience stores. And liquor would have to be kept behind the counter. Self-checkout of alcohol would be banned and clerks selling the product would have to be 21 years of age.

Both the House and Senate will have to finalize their versions of the Sunday alcohol sales legislation next week.

Interchange – Rape and White Male Privilege


Host Doug Storm is joined by Jen Maher, Rasul Mowatt and Justin Garcia a second time to try to figure out how to talk about rape, sexual violence and sexual privilege, all of which seem cultural prerogatives for white males in the United States. The show focuses on “Affirmative Consent” laws and the responsibility of the institutions which “look the other” way or actively promote binge alcohol consumption.

Jen Maher, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Gender Studies at Indiana University.
Justin Garcia, Director of Education & Research Training at The Kinsey Institute and Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender Studies at Indiana University.
Rasul Mowatt, Associate Professor in the School of Public Health.

Host & Producer: Doug Storm
Board Engineer: Jonathan Richardson
Social Media: Carissa Barrett
Executive Producer: Alycin Bektesh

IU’s Indiana Prevention Resource Center to Enhance Alcohol and Drug Screening as Preventive Care – July 16th, 2014


The Indiana University School of Public Health and the Indiana Prevention Resource Center is making it easier for patients to talk about their drug and alcohol use through a program called SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral). Mallory DeSalle helps explain what SBIRT does and how it will help Hoosiers in finding appropriate treatment for their drug or alcohol use.

Story by Harrison Wagner

Interchange – Democratic Primary Candidates for Monroe County Sheriff


Doug Storm hosts the second program focusing on contested Primary elections.

In the studio tonight to present their case for election and to detail their knowledge and experience for the office are Michael Pershing, Stephen Sharp, Cathy Smith and Brad Swain.

Topics covered are the operations of the department including its funding; the nature of the prison population and how it is managed; and the systemic failure of rehabilitation strategies in a population beset by poverty, alcohol and abusive relationships.

Note: The Indiana Constitution does not require any law enforcement experience for this office. Training and education are provided as mandated by statute [IC 36-2-13-9].

Indiana Lifeline Law Promoted


Big Red Liquors and Indiana State Senator Jim Merritt announced today that the statewide liquor chain will be helping with an information campaign about the Indiana Lifeline Law, authored by Merrit. The law, which began on July First of last year, provides immunity to citizens seeking medical help for someone who has consumed too much alcohol. WFHB News Director spoke with Merrit, along with IU student President Jose Mitjavila about the law, and student’s awareness of the immunity opportunity, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

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