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From the Vault: Louis Agassiz with Christoph Irmscher

Interchange took a break this week. As a substitute, here’s a conversation with Christoph Irmscher about Louis Agassiz for your edification and your listening pleasure. This first aired on June 8, 2013 as part of the summer series The Custom House. Louis Agassiz, born in 1807 in Fribourg, Switzerland, came to the US in 1846 and very quickly became one …

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Books Unbound – “Benito Cereno” by Herman Melville, Part Four

A four-part presentation of Herman Melville’s classic and problematic historical fiction “Benito Cereno” concludes. In the final episode, Captain Amasa Delano has realized what underlies the unease and disorder he’s been witnessing all day aboard the San Dominick. The Spanish captain Benito Cereno has been the puppet of Babo, a Senegalese slave who has led his fellow Africans to revolt. …

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