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Inside Outdoors – March 17, 2018


Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan are the hosts. Bill and Rich give the Lake Monroe report, and weather for the next week. Bill and Rich goad Don into coming home. He says that once it’s in the 70’s he’ll be home in Indiana. Bill’s big secret breakfast was Rich’s pineapple upside down cake he brought in for a treat. Bill talks about the good old days with his mom’s iron skillet, homemade biscuits, and home wood stove cooking. Next topic is black morrel mushrooms, black mushrooms matter, weather and mushroom farming tips- don’t do it! discussion about the possible prices per pound of black mushrooms, youth turkey hunts (under 18) places to hunt in 2018, turkeys seem to be disappearing lately, news about 9 different models from ‘Taurus’ (Brazil) pistol company, that have had fatal accidents due to them going off all by themselves. Warning from Don about serious issue with the ‘Defender’ model (also from Taurus) and how many people have been shot and killed due to the problem, talk about gun issues in schools, arming teachers, the NRA, etc., Bob (Wfhb disk jockey) talks about a ‘turkey’ experience, talk about daylight savings time, the boys don’t like it, south Walnut in Bloomington will be torn up around Grimes lane, issues about getting in or out of the west side during I-69 work, crappie fishing, trout stocking in Greene/Sullivan Spring Mill lake, question from a call in to the show about the size of fish in farm ponds, end of show.

Our Anchors are ‘Buddy Bill’ Moser, Don Jordan, and Rich Reardin.
‘Inside Outdoors’ Producer is Rich Reardin.
Morrison’s Appliances and Service underwrites the program.
Executive Producer is Wes Martin.

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