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Inside Outdoors – March 10, 2018


Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan are the hosts. Bill and Rich give the Lake Monroe report, and weather for the next week. Bill has a frog in his throat, but ends up talking about the joys of eating froglegs. The boys talk about old time hardware stores in Bloomington, and the state of fixing things yourself nowadays, Bill likes Rich’s bump music on the show, Rich talks about how it was recorded, and The Kingwood Kowboy – Larry W. Jones, Don brings up Les Paul and his contributions to music, the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds migration, discussion about the proposed Bobcat hunting/trapping season, the boys all agree that trapping is inhumane and Bobcats should not be hunted as they are an endangered species, Lake Monroe level – 10 feet high, rules from the DNR on changes in hunting laws, more about the horrors of trapping, trout stocking through April 18th.

Our Anchors are ‘Buddy Bill’ Moser, Don Jordan, and Rich Reardin.
‘Inside Outdoors’ Producer is Rich Reardin.
Morrison’s Appliances and Service underwrites the program.
Executive Producer is Wes Martin.

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