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Inside Outdoors – January 27, 2018


Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan discuss recent weather changes in Indiana, as Don calls in from Florida. The ‘Humiliating’ Woodpecker. ‘A January Fog freezes a February Dog’ – old sayings and signs that foresee winter weather. Weather forecasts and some talk about winter weather. Old wives tales: signs: ‘Thunder and lightning in February, means a frost on the same day in May.’  Persimmon trees and telling the winter weather. Persimmon pudding. The media not covering environmental stories. Don Jordan and his role in uncovering the PCB issue in Bloomington, Indiana. Cancer and PCB’s. Why Westinghouse used PCB’s in their manufacturing. Fishing in the winter. Camping and campground advice. Solar Energy and the 30% tariff on panels. The future of solar energy. Getting off the grid with solar energy. Well water and pollution. Cisterns. ‘Water Witching’ to find a good vein of water.

Our Anchors are Buddy Bill and Don Jordan.
Inside Outdoors’ Producer is Rich Reardin.
Morrison’s Appliances and Service underwrites the program.
Executive Producer is Wes Martin.

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